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One of the largest domestic building material producers with a 12.15 MTPA installed capacity.

Extreme FIX

Extreme FIX is the product of Cementtech Pakistan and the only tile adhesive in Pakistan Contain RDP, manufactured with high quality materials which makes it the best tile fixing Extreme FIX is a flexible material which does not shrink or crack due to moisture and temperature changes. Extreme FIX adhesive is used to prevent crazing and shedding of tiles. It is very easy to use a tile adhesive, as ready-made bags are available and only water is to be mixed.

Extreme FIX has a security seal on the top of the bag that has unique security QR code and can be verified It has a good quality paper and a plastic sheet layer with web perforation in between two layers of paper. The quality of material will also determine the goodness of Bond.

Extreme FIX mortars for fixing ceramic tiles on different substrates, mainly concrete, are very important in house building sector. Besides the binding materials, cement most of all, additives and admixtures that allow to model proper properties of such mortars are used for the manufacture. Methylcellulose is one of the most frequently used admixture for modification of mortars properties.

Influence of different admixtures, dispersible powders for instance or other organic compounds containing polymers, on the hydration process of cement and properties of obtained mortars has been an object of many investigations. Methylcellulose is a very important constituent of adhesives despite the fact that its content is very low, normally below tenth of mass percent of dry material.

Use of that admixture allow to obtain good performance of mortars. Methylcellulose mortars are easy to prepare, comfortable in use and easy to handle, which provides obtaining of proper properties and causes that they are most frequently used. Cement based ceramic tile adhesives belong to that group.

Results of laboratory experiments concerning influence of water solutions of methylcellulose on chosen physical properties and microstructure of cement based ceramic tile adhesives are presented in the paper.