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About Us

Cementtech paksistan is one of the top quality building material producer company in Pakistan mainly operation in providing quality product related to building materials and solutions from start to end construction.

About Cementtech Pakistan

Cementtech Pakistan was incorporated in Pakistan as AOP, under the repealed Companies Act 1984. The Company is the private sector enterprise in the Ceramic field in Pakistan. The Company is primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of tile bond and trading of allied building products.

Vision Statement

Cementtech Pakistan aim to serve the needs of our customers and build value for our stakeholders by continuing to remain an efficient and profitable company and to transform the Company into a modern and dynamic bond manufacturing company with qualified professionals and fully equipped to play a meaningful role on a sustainable basis in the economy of Pakistan.

Mission Statement

The Company shall achieve its mission through a continuous process of having sourced, developed, implemented and managed the best leading edge technology, industry best practice, human resource and innovative products and services and sold these to its customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Why its important to use a good quality Bond for tiles fixing?

In order to ensure that the tiles remain intact for lifetime, it is recommended to use a good quality tile fixing material such as Ecobond or ExtremeFix bond. These are the products of Cementtech Pakistan, manufactured with high quality materials which makes it the best tile fixing building material.


Apply ECOBOND in a layer approximately 3 mm thick to the substrate with the smooth edge of a notched trowel. Pull the trowel through the applied layer. Push and twist the tiles into place so that complete adhesion is obtained. Fix tiles before the adhesive has surface dried. Plan work accordingly.

Prepared material must be used within 1 hour.

Open bag should be used the same day.

For exterior surfaces, difficult substrates or when large tiles are to be fixed, it is advisable to substitute 20% of the mixing water with ECOBOND.

Please contact CEMENTTECH Technical Services Department for further information.

Surface preparation

Ensure that the surface to be covered is clean and free of foreign matter. Absorbent and porous substrates should be wet thoroughly with water prior to the application of ECOBOND.

Mixing instructions

Add 5.5 litters of water to a 20 kg of ECOBOND bag and mix thoroughly to a thick and creamy consistency. Let it stand for 5 minutes, re-stir and apply.


To ensure even spacing between tiles, tile spacers of required thickness are recommended. Expansion joints, when necessary, should be incorporated in the design stage.

Product information

Colour: Grey

Consumption: 2 to 2.5 kg /m2

Pot life: 2 hours

Open time: 20 minutes

Ready to grout: 24 hours

Ready to use: 14 days

Pack size: 20/40 kg paper/polypropylene bag