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Case-based learning CBL is a teaching tool used in a variety of medical and dental fields using human cases to impart relevance and aid in connecting theory to practice.
The impact of CBL can reach from simple knowledge gains to changing clinical practice and patient care outcomes positively, by reflecting and learning from the management of interesting cases or even errors and mistakes (MacLean, 2016).


The case-based studies present an interactive, peer reviewed opportunity to highlight different choices of treatment and management strategies, an unusual case feature or an interesting problem and how it had been managed. In some cases, interactive discussions on the decision-making process can be used to explore the reasons for achieving an unwanted or less than satisfactory outcome. In other cases, clinical excellence and key stages to achieve best results can be presented and explored.

After reading the case study, the reader should be able to:
  • Describe the factors that led to the end-results or outcomes presented.
  • Learn how to change or improve clinical practice.
  • Discuss how the learning from positive outcomes can stimulate the team to reflect on ‘why this was successful’ and apply this learning to other clinical situations using the principle of ‘how can I’.